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Coloidal silver, lozenges 16 pieces, against bacteria, viruses, fungi, natural, free of side effects, suitable for children and pregnant women, for colds, sore throats, currant or peppermint taste, please specify when ordering

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Coloidal silver, lozenges 16 pieces

The silver particles in Argentussin lozenges fight bacteria and viruses and accelerate the healing process for sore throats, tonsillitis, gingivitis. The added Icelandic moss extract contains mucilage that soothes irritations and strengthens the mucous membranes in the mouth and throat. The colloidal silver kills all unicellular organisms: bacteria, viruses, fungi, with fungi including their spores. It consists of tiny silver particles that float freely in pure distilled water. The term "colloidal" refers to a mixture of two insoluble substances (here: water and silver) in different states (here: liquid and solid). Silver consists of particles about 15-20 atoms in size. Silver is non-toxic even in large quantities and is used, for. B. used in water filters and water disinfection tablets.
Dosage: suck 1 tablet, several times a day as required.
Composition: taste peppermint Icelandic moss extract, nanocolloid argentum (Ag, silver), sugar, glucose syrup, peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, lemon oil, menthol, coloring: indigotine, curcumin,
Currant taste: Icelandic algae extract, nano colloid argentum (Ag, silver), citric acid, sugar, glucose syrup, black currant aroma, menthol, natural color: carminic acid