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Venodetramax for strengthening the veins

Detramax - extracts of...

16,90 EUR
Green coffee - helps to burn the fat reserves, crushed green coffee, pack 200g

Green coffee - helps to burn the fat...

6,50 EUR
Green Coffee Extract Capsules (50% chlorogenic acid) with guarana, green tea, Opuntia Ficus indica (cactus) extracts, B vitamins, zinc, chromium, 60 capsules, monthly pack

Green Coffee Extract Capsules (50%...

12,90 EUR
Tibetan medicine - tea against diabetes

Sorig Za-Khu-Chee-Nyii Tea - Tibetan...

7,90 EUR
Base tablets - with minerals that deacidify, especially with painkillers, medication, rheumatism, arthritis, chronic inflammation, diet with lots of meat, sugar and white flour, 240 tablets, monthly pack

Base tablets - with minerals that...

18,90 EUR
Medicinal herbs for immune system - buy now

Blackcurrant tea - a Vitaltonikum for...

4,20 EUR
Argol grip - circulation-promoting ointment with 9 essential oils and herbal ingredients, relieves pain, combats cold, viruses and bacteria, relaxed, relaxed, 40g

Argol grip - warming ointment with 9...

8,90 EUR
Immune Strengthening fruits and herbs tea with Cystus - with natural vitamin C and Bioaktivstoffen of Cistus, prevents a cold front, speeds recovery, 20 x 2.0g, 40g

Immune Strengthening fruits and herbs...

4,00 EUR
Cardiatefix - Herbal tea with hawthorn, strengthens the heart, improves blood circulation, relaxes, 20 teabags x 2g, 40g

Cardiatefix - Herbal tea with...

4,00 EUR
Kalma - a sedative and relaxing herbal tea, tea bags, 20 x 2g, 40g

Kalma - a sedative and relaxing...

4,20 EUR
Cistus incanus extract highly dosed, 60 tablets, with zinc and selenium

Cistus incanus extract high dose, 60...

18,90 EUR
Waist - herbal tea for a slim figure

Waist - herbal tea for a slim figure,...

4,00 EUR
Allergocaps - to pollen and food allergy, 30 capsules

Allergocaps - to pollen and food...

5,50 EUR
Pansies with nettle capsules - for blemished skin, eliminate acne, pimples, poorly healing wounds, for cleansing the body, even with gout and rheumatism, blood purifier act, giving the skin a healthy appearance, 30 capsules

Pansies with nettle capsules - for...

6,50 EUR
Night candle oil for the skin and against joint inflammation

Nightkerzenöl 250ml, cold-pressed,...

22,00 EUR
Tibetan medicine - Sorig Health Candy - fortifying sweets

Sorig Health Candy - Candy...

7,50 EUR
Sorig Oogmi-Daewa-Menja Tea

Sorig Oogmi-Daewa-Menja - tea (tonic)...

5,50 EUR
Fenugreek seeds - strengthen, regenerate, keep blood sugar low, preventing food cravings, help you lose weight, for stomach irritation and constipation 30 capsules

Fenugreek seeds - strengthen,...

5,50 EUR
Beetroots for a strong immune system

Red beet forte - an immune gardener...

7,50 EUR
Mariendistelöl, cold-pressed, natural, 100ml, protects the liver, improves digestion, lowers cholesterol, in case of constipation, migraine, hemorrhoids

Mariendistelöl, cold-pressed,...

23,00 EUR
A warm and environmentally friendly fur cover made of genuine Bisamfell.

A warm and environmentally friendly...

220,00 EUR


Blueberry extract with lutein

For the eyes, 60 capsules with...

RRP 14,90 EUR
only 13,50 EUR

Sorig Garden Tea-medicinal tea

Sorig Garden Tea-medicinal tea,...

RRP 7,90 EUR
only 6,90 EUR

Aloe Vera the demanding skin

Aloe Vera Lotion with Rosemary Oil -...

RRP 8,90 EUR
only 7,50 EUR

Propolis with echinacea - alcoholic extract

Propolis - fights bacteria, viruses...

RRP 5,90 EUR
only 4,90 EUR

Herbal tea for colds - with natural vitamin C and rutin

Herbal tea with rose hips - with...

RRP 4,50 EUR
only 3,00 EUR

Vagofix - inflammatory and antiseptic herb mixture, also for intimate hygiene 20 sachets x 2g, 40g

Vagofix - inflammatory and antiseptic...

RRP 4,50 EUR
only 4,00 EUR

New product

Beautiful skin capsules-eliminate skin lesions from the inside, cleanse and de-acidify the body and free from pimples, acne, eczema, give the skin healthy appearance, 30 capsules

Beautiful skin capsules - eliminate...

5,50 EUR
Cod liver oil, 60 capsules, 500 mg

Cod liver oil - rich in omega-3 fatty...

6,90 EUR
Hemp oil, 250 ml, cold pressed, slowed inflammation, regenerated skin damage, revitalized, hypertension, hormonal fluctuations, PMS, menopause

Hemp oil - cold pressed, slowed...

9,90 EUR