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Green Coffee Extract Capsules (50% chlorogenic acid) with guarana, green tea, Opuntia Ficus indica (cactus) extracts, B vitamins, zinc, chromium, 60 capsules, monthly pack

Green Coffee Extract Capsules (50%...

12,90 EUR
Green coffee - helps to burn the fat reserves, crushed green coffee, pack 200g

Green coffee - helps to burn the fat...

6,50 EUR
Venodetramax for strengthening the veins

Detramax - extracts of...

17,90 EUR
Tibetan medicine - tea against diabetes

Sorig Za-Khu-Chee-Nyii Tea - Tibetan...

7,90 EUR

4,50 EUR
Base tablets - with minerals that deacidify, especially with painkillers, medication, rheumatism, arthritis, chronic inflammation, diet with lots of meat, sugar and white flour, 240 tablets, monthly pack

Base tablets - with minerals that...

18,90 EUR
Tibetan shampoo

Sorig Tachu-Daegu - Shampoo 200ml

13,80 EUR
Cistus incanus extract highly dosed, 60 tablets, with zinc and selenium

Cistus incanus extract high dose, 60...

18,90 EUR
Mariendistelöl, cold-pressed, natural, 100ml, protects the liver, improves digestion, lowers cholesterol, in case of constipation, migraine, hemorrhoids

Mariendistelöl, cold-pressed,...

22,00 EUR
Sorig Oogmi-Daewa-Menja Tea

Sorig Oogmi-Daewa-Menja - tea (tonic)...

5,50 EUR
A warm and environmentally friendly fur cover made of genuine Bisamfell.

A warm and environmentally friendly...

220,00 EUR
Night candle oil for the skin and against joint inflammation

Nightkerzenöl 250ml, cold-pressed,...

22,00 EUR
Tibetan medicine - Sorig Health Candy - fortifying sweets

Sorig Health Candy - Candy...

RRP 7,50 EUR
only 6,00 EUR

Beetroots for a strong immune system

Red beet forte - an immune gardener...

7,50 EUR
Pansies with nettle capsules - for blemished skin, eliminate acne, pimples, poorly healing wounds, for cleansing the body, even with gout and rheumatism, blood purifier act, giving the skin a healthy appearance, 30 capsules

Pansies with nettle capsules - for...

6,50 EUR
Allergocaps - to pollen and food allergy, 30 capsules

Allergocaps - to pollen and food...

5,50 EUR
Waist - herbal tea for a slim figure

Waist - herbal tea for a slim figure,...

4,20 EUR
Fenugreek seeds - strengthen, regenerate, keep blood sugar low, preventing food cravings, help you lose weight, for stomach irritation and constipation 30 capsules

Fenugreek seeds - strengthen,...

5,50 EUR
Medicinal herbs for immune system - buy now

Blackcurrant tea - a Vitaltonikum for...

4,50 EUR
Cardiatefix - Herbal tea with hawthorn, strengthens the heart, improves blood circulation, relaxes, 20 teabags x 2g, 40g

Cardiatefix - Herbal tea with...

4,20 EUR
Immune Strengthening fruits and herbs tea with Cystus - with natural vitamin C and Bioaktivstoffen of Cistus, prevents a cold front, speeds recovery, 20 x 2.0g, 40g

Immune Strengthening fruits and herbs...

4,20 EUR
Argol grip - circulation-promoting ointment with 9 essential oils and herbal ingredients, relieves pain, combats cold, viruses and bacteria, relaxed, relaxed, 40g

Argol grip - warming ointment with 9...

10,90 EUR


Bae-juk, Bekan - Lotion helps with stress, tension, insomnia

Bae-juk, Bekan - Lotion helps with...

RRP 6,90 EUR
only 5,90 EUR

hodiola, rose root in exhaustion, stress, anxiety, depression, dysphagia, increased efficiency and resistance to disease, 60 tablets

Rhodiola rosea, rose root...

RRP 9,90 EUR
only 8,50 EUR

Wild carded extract capsules in borreliosis, skin infections, acne, eczema, joint pain, stiffness, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, digestive

RRP 12,90 EUR
only 7,50 EUR

Phospholipids from soybean 300mg

Esseliv - Phospholipids from soybean...

RRP 12,90 EUR
only 10,90 EUR

Sorig Garden Tea-medicinal tea

Sorig Garden Tea-medicinal tea,...

RRP 7,90 EUR
only 6,90 EUR

Tibetan medicine - Sorig Health Candy - fortifying sweets

Sorig Health Candy - Candy...

RRP 7,50 EUR
only 6,00 EUR

New product

Sinulan Direct, pharynx spray

Sinulan Direct, pharynx spray,...

8,90 EUR
Blueberries Tea

Blueberries Tea - rich in...

6,00 EUR
Rutinacea med, 30 lozenges - at increased risk of infection, the protective layer of polyphenols slows down viruses and bacteria cells attack, cistus extract, rutin, vitamin C, even in skin infections, arthritis, even for swallowing

Rutinacea med, 30 lozenges - at...

5,50 EUR